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I am currently a Master's student in the department of the Resource and Environmental Management and a researcher with the Center for Sustainable Community Development. My research interests include public outreach, community engagement and knowledge mobilization. I am still in the process of developing my Master’s thesis topic. I plan to focus on social and cultural processes as they relate to sustainable community planning and development. I am also interested in academic research exploring ecosystem services, namely cultural ecosystem services and how they are translated into economic valuation. Prior to joining Simon Fraser University, I worked with the “My Clean Water Act” program in California to raise awareness of water related issues and encourage communities to take appropriate preservation actions. I was also a part of a research team for Transport Canada to develop a summary of Canadian public opinion survey results related to sustainable transportation. My contributions were used for Transport Canada’s Compendium of Canadian Survey Research on Consumer Attitudes and Behavioral Influences Affecting Sustainable Transportation Options. My skills include qualitative research methods (focus groups, interviews and participant observation), strategic planning, data analysis and presentation, and integrated marketing methods. I earned my BA from Carleton University in Ottawa in Business and Marketing in 2009 and studied internationally at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia and San Diego State University in California, US.

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