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Goodwill Ambassador, Creator of the International Indigenous Unity Flag, Ambassador Col. Michael Lawrence Sher is a native of Thornhill part of the Toronto Metropolitan Region. He joined Globcal International to promote and protect the ideals for which he developed the Indigenous Unity Flag in 2012. In 2017 after sending over 1000 flags Ambassador Sher committed his ideal to form the Indigenous Unity Foundation as an international non-state development with Globcal International. The organization is chartered in the Caribbean as an offshore international foundation and non-state actor to guarantee neutrality to all peoples. Michael is also Kentucky Colonel, recognized by Governor Beshear of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, for the International Indigenous Unity Flag in 2014 and received the prestigious honor of being commissioned a Colonel. His conference of the title of Colonel recognized him legally as a goodwill ambassador for Kentucky in the United States. © 2020-2021 Copyright all rights reserved by Globcal International in Vienna, Austria; the Global Citizenship Registry, Sweden; Goodwill Ambassador Foundation, Belize; and Ambassador Col. Michael Lawrence Sher, Globcal Citizen and Author of the International Indigenous Unity Flag as recognized internationally.

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