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Born May 22nd, 1983 in Toronto Canada, Michael has always had an interest in designing and trying to understand how things worked. He is active in sports and has a special interest in baseball. In the year 2000 Michael played on a top level youth baseball team and they became the National Champions that year. At an early age he was always had a passion for cultural stories, creativity and art. Michael went to York University where he studied Kinesiology. This was a great way to learn who he was as a person and what his passion truly was. For Michael, that was making, designing and creating as well as helping others. This evolved into combining his creativity with charitable work and activities. Social Innovation is what he calls it. He feels in his heart that if you have an opportunity to do this, to change lives for the betterment of all, it's best to go ahead and create that gift! Michael is compassionate, philanthropic, and receives enjoyment from helping others. Recently he was Endorsed by the Assembly of First Nations National Chief Sean Atleo for designing the Indigenous Unity Flag. (Artist of the International Indigenous Unity Flag) Michael Lawrence Sher became a Goodwill Ambassador for Globcal because being part of a co-operative independent organization allows him to get involved with protecting indigenous people, their lands and rights. He is also interested in assisting in and supporting projects which can utilize his creativity. Passion and vision led him in this direction. Growing with likeminded and gifted ambassadors to help make positive changes and heal the world in small steps is a path that he is on right now. Favorite Quotations You can live your dreams if you can embrace change. It's by taking chances that you'll learn how to be brave - Nikita Koloff Education Info York University Kinesiology Work Info Employer: Globcal International Position: Director of Administration Time Period: Dec 2013 to present Location: Thornhill, Ontario Canada Description: In charge of the administration office in Toronto. Activities Volunteer and Professional Interests All sports, reading, indigenous cultures, natural history, jungle exploration, wilderness survival, camping and fishing. Favorite Book Guns, Germs and Steel (the fates of human societies) Jared Diamond Favorite Music Rock Classics 70s & 80s, and some classical Favorite Movies Best of the Best Favorite TV Shows Discovery, History Channel, Movie Channel

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