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Kathrine Brekke is an Urban Research Officer in charge of maintaining and developing the research management activities at the ICLEI World Secretariat. Her main areas of interest include capturing good local government practices, cross-sectoral and institutional integration, holistic urban productivity and resource management in cities, multi-level governance and public policy, international development and climate change governance.

At ICLEI she has coordinated various international research projects, e.g. on resource efficiency in cities (Global City Survey conducted with UNEP for the GI-REC), case studies series on Renewable Energy Policies in Cities (with IRENA, International Renewable Energy Agency), and on the Urban NEXUS approach to integrated urban policy, planning and design (with GIZ and The Next Practice Ltd). She oversees the ICLEI Case Studies series as well as other ICLEI publications and global reports. The Urban Research team led by Kathrine also supports ICLEI’s global advocacy work with researching and preparing briefs and documents.


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