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Julia is a Master's candidate at Simon Fraser University's School of Resource and Environmental Management. Working with the Centre for Sustainable Community Development, Julia is researching innovative forms of community engagement in urban environmental issues such as the use of art for improved urban water management. She has been awarded a Joseph Armand Graduate Scholarship (SSHRC 2013-2014) for her research proposal and has been active on the Resource and Environmental Planning Students Union as both First Year and PIBC Representatives. Her excellent research and communication skills has facilitated professional roles in program management at Pando | Sustainable Communities, the International Development Research Centre and the Canadian Red Cross in Ottawa. Julia received her BA in International Development Studies from Trent University in 2007. Invigorated by innovation, delighted by data and encouraging renewed connections to place, Julia hopes her passion and experience will combine as a community planner to foster positive change in her own backyard.


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