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Professor Schilling leads the Institute’s Sustainable Communities and Urban Regeneration Initiatives that explores the intersection of design, planning and collaboration in the development of sustainable regions, communities and neighborhoods. His field work serves as a living laboratory for research, service learning, and policy change by extracting and disseminating model programs and practices through case studies, policy roundtables and planning studios. Schilling is an accomplished public policy facilitator having organized dozens of research, policy, and community forums. Schilling’s work illustrates his philosophy of linking policy and practice. From 2007-2009 student teams from the Eco City Studio assisted the City of Alexandria, Virginia in devising a sustainability charter and environmental action plan. Schilling’s studios also included study tours of Cleveland, Baltimore, and Philadelphia that examined the plight of older industrial cities and the promise of a more sustainable future. Through the Sustainability Planning Lab students and Professor Schilling are classifying local city/county sustainability plans—over 150 to date. He presented this emerging typology of sustainability plans at several research conferences and used it to compare local sustainability planning frameworks from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Based on this research Schilling is designing a sustainability policy “index” to measure the sustainability potential of older industrial cities. Professor Schilling teaches courses in Negotiations and Community Involvement, Land Use Law, Public Health, and Environmental Policy and Sustainability Planning at Virginia Tech and Sustainable Regional Growth for George Washington University Law School. He holds a Masters of Environmental Law (LL.M.) from George Washington University and a J.D. from Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

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