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My current interest is in the eco-social transformation of communities on-the-ground, through the use of innovative design and planning, including applications of: Indigenous knowledge for redemocratization of community infrastructures; complex systems theory for analyzing and predicting impacts of eco-social policy; green tech for energy, building, manufacture and transportation; environmental economics for the reembedding of social systems into planetary systems; social enterprise for egalitarian trade; government devolution of control of lands and resources, and both tax and resource revenues (e.g. NWT); public education overhaul for reconnection to local environments, capacity needs, apprentice-based learning and lifelong public education; food and water sovereignty; and applications of Indigenous eco-social knowledge to alternative communities: spaceships, colonization of planets, intentional communities, analogues, etc.

My background includes acacemic, social and cultural exploration as a mostly off-reserve, middle income, Anishinaabek, French and "military brat." I have training in environmental health, anthropology, environmental studies, Indigenous education, counseling, Indigenous health, organic gardening and community-based research. I have green politics, but vote strategically and think electoral reform and a return to direct democracy is one key to transforming communities and societies, towards more egalitarian and environmentally sustainable practices.

I'm looking forward to connecting and working with like-minded others!

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