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Architect experienced in managing architectural, urban planning and multidisciplinary projects from conception to completion and in research in sustainable community development, community and regional planning, planning theory and planning practice.

Area of professional activities covers gaining, spreading, and practicing knowledge on development of sustainable communities concerning interdependencies between construction, urban development and environmental, social and economic aspects of environment. 

  • December 2013 – April 2015 - President at NGO “Association of Architects Varaždin”
  • December 2013 – April 2015 – Member of  the Varazdin Urban Planning Council
  • September 2010 – April 2015 - external consultant at architectural bureaus Prokon, Eko-monitoring, Arhia,  the city of Varazdin and the city of Lepoglava
  • September 2010 – April 2015 -  Lecturer  at University North  in Varaždin, Croatia; research on sustainable architecture, urbanism and communities and giving lectures on „Urbanism and Spatial Planning“ and „Finishing constructions and facilities in buildings“ courses
  • September  2008 to March  2010 - employed in architectural bureau Brakus; main responsibilities were architectural and interior design and urban planning; coordinating external consultants, clients and specialists brought to the team
  • September  2001  to June 2008 - The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb Master degree

Sustainable Urban Development Projects

  • Sustainable City Core Varaždin: The Development Strategy  for Local Government– developing  a local policies framework for sustainable revival of the old city core (project in progress)
  • Programme for the sustainable construction of  the Visitors Centre Lepoglava, Public Architectural and Urban Concourse Visitors Centre Lepoglava (October 2014)
  • Programme for the sustainable construction of  the Technology park Varaždin, Public Architectural and Urban Concourse Technology park Varaždin (July 2014)
  • Sustainable development of the Varaždin area North – guidelines for sustainable development of the northern part of the Varaždin as a part of a Spatial Development Plan Varaždin. (June 2014)
  • Whose City Is This? - The exhibition/public discourse on individual responsibility in shaping the living space of the city. (April 2013)
  • STEP Towards Sustainability: Providing Capacity for Innovative Actions in Sustainable Design  and Building –strengthening the cooperation between  Government and NGO's in order to implement convenient policies for sustainable development and environmental protection. (December 2011)
  • BUNKER reUSE – mapping and urban analysis of the abandoned  atomic shelters  in Varazdin and their refurbishment and reuse in accordance with sustainable design methods. (June 2012)
  • Urban Revival of the Abandoned Military Quarters  “Ivan V. Drašković”  in Varaždin –new settlement is not only designed to be ecologically, socially and economically sustainable, but also to effectuate added value to its stakeholders. (October 2010)

Author of  Public Lectures and Courses

  • “Putting Theory into Practice: Sustainable Development Stategies for Local Governments”, Polytechnic University Braganca, Portugal,  June 2014
  • “Learning from Japan: Traditional Design in Service of a Sustainable Construction”, Japanese Ambassy’s  Days of Japanese Culture,  April  2014
  • “Sustainable communities: Sustainable Land Use and Profit”, Cro Eco Energy Expo 2013 Conference,  November 2013
  • “Sustainable Land Use” - Varaždin Days of Sustainable Energy, November 2013
  • “Sustainable communities urban planning principles” – Croatia Green Building Counsil’s Green Building Symposium, October 2013
  • " Environmental principles and Measurement" – 30 hours course at  Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology,  June 2013
  • "Sustainable Communities: Mobilizing Citizens And Their Governments " - Association of Croatian Civil Engineers, May 2013
  • "Sustainable Development Of The City And Wider Metropolitan Areas And Cradle To Cradle Planning Methods" - Association of Architects, Varazdin, April 2013
  • "Urban Regeneration And Sustainability" - Varazdin County Bureau, July 2012

Published Papers

  • Urban revival models of the abandoned military quarters “Ivan V. Drašković” (05/2011),
  • Embodied Energy and Life-Cycle Energy Analysis: A Case Study of A Detached House in Varaždin, Croatia”(09/2012)
  • Fallout Shelters In Residential Neighborhoods: Revaluation and Guidelines for the Restoration Of Urban Landscape” (09/2012)

 Architectural and Urban Design

  • Family House Anina (10/2014)
  • Reconstruction and Refurbishment of the Panić Residence (06/2013)
  • “Andelinjak” (“Angelcote”), urban installation in the Varazdin historic core (06/2012)
  • Two-Apartment Family House Vratno (o6/2009)
  • OK1 – Sustainable urban block Strojarska (09/2011)
  • Reconstruction of the Cafe Šešet (o4/2010)
  • Reconstruction of the Palace Sermage Museum's Public Courtyard (o3/2010)
  • Industrial Building Frasson (o2/2010)
  • Reconstruction of the Business Building Klas (o4/2009)
  • Varaždinske toplice Bus Station (o4/2009)
  • Educational Centre for Children with Special Needs Tomislav Špoljar (10/2008)
  • Residential area with Nursing Home for the Elderly (12/2008)
  • Orphanage Drava, Varaždin (06/2008)
  • Apartment Building Sever (06/2008)
  • Reconstruction and Refurbishment of the Martinušić Residence (07/2008)



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