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I've been working on sustainable cities for almost a decade now in all kinds of settings ranging from Durban, South Africa to Portland, Oregon. I still find it one of the most fascinating fields out there. ... My research has focused on the institutional and socio-political dynamics of transitions towards more sustainable cities. All of my work is geared towards generating a more rigorous understanding of what it takes to create and implement innovative urban sustainability strategies. ... A large part of my focus has been on the internal dynamics of municipal agencies and issues of innovation, path dependency and change. I have also researched the role of citizens and communities as catalysts and leaders of change. ... I have recently complete a PhD on urban sustainability planning at the University of British Columbia, and I will be beginning post-doctoral research at M.I.T. in the Fall of 2012. ... As Research Director with SCI I coordinate a program that partners with advanced graduate students to conduct research within our international urban sustainability network. More on that can be found here:

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