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Hello I am David Wright, I am an American Expat who calls his home Venezuela's Northern Amazon. I am here because I am concerned about the future of our planet and the natural world from which we came. I have been involved in the development of environmental causes and events all of my life. It started on Earth Day in 1970 when I was 7 years old. In 1990 thanks to the encouragement of Joe Biden, Gaylord Nelson, and good friend Mike Gallagher protecting the earth and planting trees became my life's work. Today I manage and develop ecological villages, international cooperatives and preside over an organization dedicated to establishing a new perspective civilization in the rural countrysides and remote areas of the planet.

I believe in the ideals of cooperation, ecological integrity, and sustainability; I also believe strongly that we need to stop creating new development and focus on re-development to convert unsustainable systems into sustainable ones.  Today I work with several international organizations that are under development and recently developed a new legal organizational concept that hybridizes the cooperative with the international non-governmental organization (INGO). 

Sooner or later all people will need to come together to solve problems, none bigger than their own environment and its interdependence with the rest of the planet, instead of their country or nation-state.  The entire planet is our common ground, when we look at the world from a national perspective we cannot see this big picture. 

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