Waste Water Pre-Treatment Using Bacteria

The Town of Olds, Alberta (population: approximately 7000) upgraded its 30-year-old at-capacity wastewater treatment plant without expanding any infrastructure. In partnership with Waste Not Ltd., the town installed a system that injects a bacterial treatment into the wastewater pipes before the wastewater reaches the treatment plant. Injection of the bacterial treatment allows breakdown of solids and pollutants to occur in locations throughout the entire sewer collection system, thereby optimizing the entire infrastructure. This project has resulted in an increase in the plant’s capacity by 45 per cent without incurring any new infrastructure costs and has reduced the volume of generated effluent requiring disposal by 25 per cent. More information can be found at http://gmf.fcm.ca/files/News_Releases/News-Releases-2011/Backgrounder-2011FCMSustainableCommunityAwardWinners-FIN-e.pdf.


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