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UN Academic Impact

The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) is a global initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations in furthering the realization of the purposes and mandate of the Organization through activities and research in a shared culture of intellectual social responsibility.

Membership in the United Nations Academic Impact is open to all institutions of higher education granting degrees or their equivalent, as well as bodies whose substantive responsibilities relate to the conduct of research.


Technology is expensive and nonprofits can't afford many existing solutions or even realize that they need technology to achieve results. Core Technology Foundation, Inc. (CoreTech) has built an open source platform called CORE to help nonprofits build applications that easily scale to impact hundreds of millions of lives.

Sustainability Education and Local Government Competence

Sustainability, education and local government: insights from the Australian state of Victoria

Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, and its publisher Taylor & Francis, have partnered with Pando to feature select article abstracts.  Click here to find links to the full article.

How fragile are our cities? New study published by the World Economic Forum

The world is urbanizing at a breakneck pace. But not all regions are moving at the same speed. Most population growth today and tomorrow will occur in the sprawling cities and slums of Africa and Asia. Just three countries — China, India and Nigeria — will account for 40% of global growth over the next decade. Meanwhile, many cities in North America and Western Europe are actually shrinking.

A circular economy model of economic growth

• A closed circular economy model is presented.
• Environmental quality cannot be maintained or improved via economic growth.
• The improvement in environmental quality can be achieved by an increase in the recycling ratio.

Community-University Collaboration Key to Climate Leadership in Keene, New Hampshire, USA

Keene, NH, a modestly-sized municipality with modest resources,  has emerged as a leader in climate mitigation and adaptation, not only among New Hampshire municipalities, but nationally. A history of collaboration with local educational institutions was instrumental in Keene’s planAntioch University New England (AUNE) has been synergistic with Keene’s progress....

METROPOLIS: World Association of the Major Metropolises

United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) represents and defends the interests of local governments on the world stage, regardless of the size of the communities they serve. Headquartered in Barcelona, the organisation’s stated mission is:

To be the united voice and world advocate of democratic local self-government, promoting its values, objectives and interests, through cooperation between local governments, and within the wider international community.

MuniNet Guide

MuniNet Guide is an online resource specializing in municipal matters, including urban affairs, public finance, and municipal bonds.  Our content and data focuses on a variety of topic areas pertaining to the public sector:  municipal bonds, state and local government, demographics, economic trends, education, employment, healthcare, housing and real estate, transportation, and utilities. 


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