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Six Transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

From Sustainable Development Solutions Network:

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change call for deep transformations in every country that require complementary actions by governments, civil society, science, and business. While significant progress is being made on some goals, no country is currently on track towards achieving all SDGs

Open Source Sustainability

"When a company, community or citizen wants to act to cut their footprint, reduce their carbon emissions or enhance their responsibility, they ask, “What can I do?” Until now, the sustainability community has answered, “Hire me.”

Sustainability is too important to leave to consultants making money by protecting proprietary information. The knowledge and tools needed to implement genuine sustainability should be available to everyone.

Routledge Sustainability Hub

Routledge Sustainability evolved from and incorporates the former Earthscan imprint and is a leading global publisher in Environment and Sustainability studies.  

An innovative knowledge centre for the global sustainability community, this Hub offers a wide range of resources about many facets of sustainability.  It includes resources by topic, sample chapters from textbooks, and a sustainability community section.


Technology is expensive and nonprofits can't afford many existing solutions or even realize that they need technology to achieve results. Core Technology Foundation, Inc. (CoreTech) has built an open source platform called CORE to help nonprofits build applications that easily scale to impact hundreds of millions of lives.

Inspiring climate action: what works, what doesn’t

The question of what works – and what doesn’t – for motivating people to take action on climate change is tackled head-on in a new PICS report produced by UBC’s Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP). The Special Report: A Synthesis of PICS-Funded Social Mobilization Research was formerly launched on May 15 at the Renewable Cities Forum in Vancouver, attracting media attention including Global TV BC news, and the Globe and Mail. 

Routledge Sustainability Blog

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MetroQuest: The Guide to Effective Online Engagement


  • Engage Thousands – Tired of getting input from the same ten people at public meetings? When using online community engagement, it’s common to have 1,000 to 10,000+ participants.
  • Gain Insight – Digital tools provide thought provoking and visual content to educate the public and collect informed input quickly.
  • Build Community Support – By getting meaningful input from a large portion of the community, you’ll be building a healthy relationship with the public.

A periodic table of visualization methods

This is a compilation of existing visualization methods and a systematic overview based on the logic, look, and use of the periodic table of elements. The revised periodic table of 100 visualization methods with a proposition how to use it is from: 

Lengler R., Eppler M. (2007). Towards A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods for Management. IASTED Proceedings of the Conference on Graphics and Visualization in Engineering (GVE 2007), Clearwater, Florida, USA.