TOMORROW’S CITY TODAY: Eco-City Indicators, Frameworks and Standards – Bellagio Conference Report

This report is the result of a collaborative initiative co-ordinated by the International Eco-Cities Initiative (University of Westminster, London/ Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore/ Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC). It is based on the joint work by a group of international experts who met in autumn 2012 to discuss the development of indicators, standards and frameworks for urban sustainability initiatives. The group – made up of 18 leading researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from 14 countries from around the world – convened for a three-day conference held at the Rockefeller Bellagio Center in Bellagio, Italy, 12–14 September 2012. The report summarises the proceedings of the conference Tomorrow’s City: Developing International Standards and Policy for Eco-Cities, and includes the Bellagio statement, jointly drawn up by the participants at the end of the conference.


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