Solutions Gateway Sourcebook: Low Carbon Solutions for Urban Development Challenges

The Solutions Gateway is an online knowledge sharing platform for local governments addressing low emission development. It o΍ers political decision-makers the big picture on relevant Ȋhotȋ topics, it provides detailed guidance and practice-oriented resources to technical sta΍, and it is also a platform to showcase local best practice by leading cities and towns. This sourcebook provides a summarized overview of the type of guidance provided in the Solutions Gateway, making it also accessible to oɞine users.

Guidance is structured to help local governments identify, screen, prioritize, detail, implement and successfully monitor locally-relevant programs and proMects that contribute to sustainable urban development and have a low (or no) emission impact.

With this in mind, the Solutions Gateway was developed as a single entry point, to support and expedite the development and implementation of urban low emission development policies, plans, programs and proMects. Guidance outlined is based on proven solutions. +owever, any solution also needs to be tailored to the local context to enhance the delivery of climate change mitigation and other beneȴts.

The contents of the Solutions Gateway are:

• Based on proven practices and technologies

• Developed by experts and peer-reviewed

• Built on partnerships with renowned expert organizations

• Based on an integrated multidisciplinary approach to maximize results

• Focused on enabler and multiplier actions which go beyond technology and ȴnance to also cover policy, governance, capacity-building, stakeholder engagement, etc.

The guidance on Low Emission Development includes:

• Contents aligned to the typical mandates of a local government, as well as its roles and interests

• Free, easy access to knowledge on proven technologies and practices

• Key target sectors, such as waste, water, buildings, energy, transport, and land use

• Cross-sectoral themes such procurement

• Support for peer-learning

• 9isibility to leading cities and towns through case studies

• Access to a group of experts from various disciplines

• Practice-oriented resources to support implementation, such as tools, standards and guides

• Decision-making ȴnance map to identify relevant ȴnancial models and instruments

The Solutions Gateway was developed under the Urban-LEDS proMect (, funded by the European Union, and Mointly implemented by ICLEI Ȃ Local Governments for Sustainability and U1-+abitat. It aims to support local governments in the transition to urban low emission development. The proMect o΍ers a comprehensive methodological framework - the GreenClimateCities (GCC) program - to integrate low carbon strategies into all sectors of urban planning and development. The Solutions Gateway is a key resource to support the implementation of ICLEI’s GCC program.

Initially available to the 37 Urban-LEDS proMect network cities in Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Europe, the Solutions Gateway is now freely available for use to all local governments and key stakeholders involved in the low-emission development processes.

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Ana Marques (ICLEI World Secretariat)

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