Community-Supported Agriculture

Many urban dwellers are benefiting from community-supported agriculture (CSA), which allows both growers and consumers to share responsibilities of cultivating a vibrant local food system. Typically, local farmers on the urban fringe grow food for a group of city-resident subscribers, who agree to buy it before the growing season begins. By keeping money in the community, this form of agriculture secures the livelihood of local family farmers, supports the local economy, fosters greater self-reliance for food supplies, and helps people remain connected with the food they consume. Orti Solidali (or Solidarity Gardens) is a CSA project in Rome, Italy that works to create more sustainable food systems through agricultural practices and social support. It supports four gardeners who are refugees, and socially disadvantaged youth that have received training in organic agricultural practices. For 300 Euros per year, 60 subscribers receive weekly boxes of fresh produce from its 60 garden plots. Each subscriber is assigned to a specific garden plot and enjoys input into the garden design and cultivation, thereby personalizing their CSA box. More information can be found here


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