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I'm a lecturer in urban economics and in economic geography at the University of Montreal. As an early career researcher, my research interest is focused on the evolution of urban sustainable development planning and strategies since the 1990's in Quebec and Canada. My work aims to advance the knowledge on the success factors of best practices and to better guide urban planning with respect to emerging environmental and social challenges facing cities and metropolitan areas. Since 2008, I've maintained a high level of activity combining research, public policy analysis, and knowledge transfer in urban and regional development issues. I've served different governmental organizations and research institutions, including the Auditor General of Quebec, the Regional Conference of Elected Officials of Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine, the Center for Inter-university Research in Organization Analysis, the Center for Research in Tourism and Heritage, and the National School for Public Administration, while completing my studies. Finally, I've also worked for six years in the municipal sector where I contributed to the implementation of programs and projects focused on urban sustainability.

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