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Operationalizing the Urban NEXUS: towards resource-efficient, productive and integrated cities and metropolitan regions

The Urban NEXUS is an approach to the design of sustainable urban development solutions. The approach guides stakeholders to identify and pursue possible synergies between sectors, jurisdictions, and technical domains, so as to increase institutional performance, optimize resource management, and service quality.

Better, Not More

An engaging short video about the case for a commons and co-operative approach to economics and sustaniability transition, drawing on participants at a recent Edge Funders Alliance meeting in Germany.  

A periodic table of visualization methods

This is a compilation of existing visualization methods and a systematic overview based on the logic, look, and use of the periodic table of elements. The revised periodic table of 100 visualization methods with a proposition how to use it is from: 

Lengler R., Eppler M. (2007). Towards A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods for Management. IASTED Proceedings of the Conference on Graphics and Visualization in Engineering (GVE 2007), Clearwater, Florida, USA. 

Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia

The concept of a ”green economy” is rapidly gaining interest around the world. However, the idea is not new. It appeared in 1989 in the book “Blueprint for a Green Economy”. During the 1990s and most of the 2000s, the green economy was not a widely used term. But it gained a new lease of life after the financial crisis of 2008 when governments and industries around the world needed to respond to economic recessions while also furthering environmental and climate protection goals. In 2012, an updated book called “A New Blueprint for a Green Economy” was published.

Quality of Life, (e)Quality of Place

Rail transit anchors downtowns and neighborhoods in communities throughout Chicago’s northern suburbs and across the region, but many of these communities are falling behind in creating mixed-income transit-oriented development. This guidebook, "Quality of Life, (e)Quality of Place, Growing Local Economies through Equitable Transit-Oriented Development", from the NGO Open Communities and the Center for Neighborhood Technology, offers case studies, policy recommendations, and public participation tools to help suburbs build affordable, accessible housing around transit.

Vancouver city council unanimously votes to adopt 100% renewable energy

On Wednesday, March 26, Vancouver made history by unanimously voting in favour of moving the city to 100% renewable energy. In doing so, Vancouver becomes the first Canadian city to adopt an explicit 100% renewable energy goal and joins a group a dozen notable world cities, including San Francisco, Sydney, Stockholm, San Diego, and Munich.


Halifax Solar City Program

Homeowners in Canada's Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), Nova Scotia, can take advantage of municipal financing through the Solar City program to install solar-powered water heating systems, lower their energy bills, and reduce water consumption. The municipality arranged over 300 system installations in the program's first 14 months — more than the rest of Canada that year — and aims to finance 700 systems within the first two years.

Sustainability Illustrated


Alexandre Magnin is a sustainability consultant and illustrator who creates animation videos and illustrations to help people learn about and teach sustainability in an enga


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