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Split Packer Trucks

The Regional District of Nanaimo diverts more than 4,000 tons of organic waste from landfills annually through a curbside collection project funded by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities&rsqu

U-Pass Program

The U-Pass program has supplied Washington State University students with a discounted monthly transit pass since 1991, providing campus communities with an array of flexible, low-cost transportati

Bike-Sharing Programs

Bike-sharing programs differ from a simple bike rental service – bikes can be rented at one location and returned at another, unique technology is used for payment (smart cards, mobile apps),

Municipal Fleet Procurement

The purchase of alternative fuel fleets by municipal governments and private companies imparts a powerful sustainability message and significantly reduces area GHG emissions.

Car Sharing

The web has also enhanced the viability of traditional car-sharing modes of auto-cooperatives, such as ZipCar, the largest provider in the United States.

Promoting Cycling

Since 1988 progressive residents of Thurston County, Washington, have discovered powerful ways to promote cycling.

Biomass District Heating

Dockside Green, a mixed-use sustainable community in Victoria, B.C., houses residential, commercial, and light-industrial occupants, and utilizes heat and hot water generated on-site by a renewable

Green Power

The Emerald People’s Utility District in Eugene, Oregon offers renewable green power options to their clients: 50 or 100 percent renewable for residential users and 10, 25, 50, or 100 percent

Power Smart Rebates

 British Columbia’s provincial energy utility, BC Hydro, launched its Power Smart program in 1989 to assist customers in conserving electricity and help offset the province’s growi


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