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"When a company, community or citizen wants to act to cut their footprint, reduce their carbon emissions or enhance their responsibility, they ask, “What can I do?” Until now, the sustainability community has answered, “Hire me.”

Sustainability is too important to leave to consultants making money by protecting proprietary information. The knowledge and tools needed to implement genuine sustainability should be available to everyone.

Natural Capitalism Solutions is setting sustainability free, creating an open source platform to provide our sustainability tools to the world at no cost, and to invite others to share their tools, as well. Featuring video tutorials, best practices, case studies, and tools that have empowered companies like Walmart, agencies like the International Finance Corporation, and the governments from the State of California to small towns from New York to New Zealand, will transform overwhelm to easy.

NCS pioneered the business case that companies can make more money by behaving in ways that help solve the global environmental and economic crises. We created the concept of the Integrated Bottom Line, and the first community economic renewal tool kit. We founded and created the curriculum for sustainable MBAs, and high school engagement programs. For more than a decade we have empowered individual change agents, NGOs, and governments to build more resilient communities, implement profitable climate protection programs and embed sustainability throughout their operations.

With step-by-step directions for effective implementation, this site will enable companies, communities, and citizens to access the content they need to create their own solutions. The platform will encourage collaboration and peer review, allowing anyone in the community to improve existing resources and share their own tools and resources. Curated third party resources will be welcome.

The website is free for users, but creating it will require that NCS raise funding for two staff positions, to manage the website and compile Natural Capitalism Solution’s content, as well as to vet third party resources that get uploaded to open source at any given time. Help us set sustainability free!

For more information, please contact Meghan Altman at"

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