New LEED for Cities and Communities, now merged with STAR Communities

In the summer 2018, STAR Communities announced that it had formally merged with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). STAR certification programs, services and staff have now transitioned into the LEED for Cities and Communities program at USGBC. 

In December, they released the draft LEED v4.1 for Cities and Communities (beta) which is now available to download online and preview.

LEED v4.1 expands the solutions for LEED for Cities and LEED for Communities to include two new project types, those in the planning and design phase and existing cities.

  • Expanded rating system now includes standards from the STAR Community Rating System and elements of key GBCI green energy and infrastructure rating systems like PEER and SITES
  • Triple bottom line approach with scaleable metrics that work at the city, county and regional scale Flexible pathways to measure and advance local progress, including performance standards and proven strategies and best practices for improvement
  • Greater focus on improved social equity, quality of life and standard of living

View the most current draft

Plan and Design draft | Existing draft

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