The 'multicapital' scorecard measures the triple bottom line

Writing in GreenBiz about their book "The MultiCapital Scorecard: Rethinking Organizational Performance" (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2016), Thomas and McElroy describe their "multiple capitals" approach to management that offers organizations a triple bottom line performance measurement model that can indicate how far an organization is from performing sustainably, and can also be used to measure progress toward sustainability.  Their multi-capitalism" is similar in many respects to Pando founder Mark Roseland's "community capital" framework and toolkit. 

The authors argue that "the application of 'fair shares' of available multicapital resources or of the burdens to produce them can provide us with very meaningful reference points to move toward the required collective objective of sustainable futures."  Noting that some critics might suggest multicapital performance measurements are imprecise or subjective, they respond with an excellent question: "Is it better to be precisely wrong or approximately right?"

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Martin P. Thomas and Mark W. McElroy

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