biodiverCities: A Primer on Nature in Cities

ICLEI Canada and the Toronto and Region Conservation launch their latest resource on biodiversity, biodiverCities: A Primer on Nature in Cities.  


With the majority of the world's population living in urban areas, its time to ask how they can become more livable, sustainable and resilient. biodiverCities explores why biodiversity should be the business of everyone committed to building more sustainable cities. 


This Primer is intended for urban decison-makers who want to explore new approaches to this issue, and see examples of where biodiversity has been successfully integrated into municipal services and programs. We do this by targeting the message directly at urban decision makers and their role in mainstreaming this issue, presenting a range of case studies and mechanisms that currently exist for local governments, and featuring best practices that have produced positive results.


With a new spin on the benefits of nature in cities, biodiverCities is your go-to resource on urban biodiversity discources in Canada. The Primer is a companion document to an urban biodiversity management guidebook, which operationalizes the theme within the Primer and presents practical and action-orientated steps or "milestones" that municipalities can follow as they pursue a biodiversity plan.


Topics of interest: 

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