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URBAN FUTURE Global Conference

The URBAN FUTURE global conference is Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities. It’s the place to meet the most passionate and inspiring CityChangers from all over the world.

Cities are key to a sustainable future of our planet. Massive changes are necessary to fight climate change and social inequalities. So far, much is talked about technological solutions.
We believe, that what is most important for solving the urban challenges are the people driving positive change.
May 22 to 24 2019, 9:00am - 9:00pm

Recent Events

Canadian Energy & Water Efficiency Conference

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association and the Canadian National Water Efficiency Network are pleased to present the Canadian Energy and Water Efficiency Conference. The Conference will be held October 16-18, 2013 at The Westin Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

This Conference will provide a unique national perspective on energy and water efficiency programs,issues and initiatives – focusing on all aspects of these programs from policy, education, and best management practices, to innovation and technology.

Oct 16 to 18 2013, 2:00pm - 2:00pm

International Summit of Co-operatives

In 2012, during the International Year of Cooperatives, as declared by the United Nations, the International Summit of Cooperatives has persuasively and relevantly showcased “the Amazing Power of Cooperatives”. The first edition of the Summit was a landmark event that will eventually become a must for today's and tomorrow's leaders intent on strengthening the influence that the cooperative and mutualist movement has on the socioeconomic and political world stage.


Oct 06 to 09 2014, 2:00pm - 2:00pm

A Conversation with John Englander, author of High Tide on Main Street

Rising sea level is of particular importance to coastal communities like those that make up Metro Vancouver.  Join Carbon Talks and oceanographer and author John Englander, to discuss sea level rise, its economic and geographic impacts, and how we can intelligently adapt our communities.

Registration: Seating is limited, please register to attend this event.


When: 22 July, 2013, 12:30 - 1:30 PM

Jul 22 2013, 2:00pm PDT

A Public Conversation with Michael Cleland

Michael Cleland is Nexen Executive in Residence at the Canada West Foundation; Secretary/ Treasurer of QUEST; former federal Assistant Deputy Minister for Energy; and former CEO & President of the Canadian Gas Association. The talk will take place on May 23 at 6:00 PM  in the Asia Pacific Hall, Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue -  580 West Hastings Street Vancouver. Wine and cheese reception to follow. Free and open to the public.


Details of the talk:


May 23 2013, 2:00pm PDT

Accessing Adaptation: ICLEI Canada's Online Tool for Municipalities

ICLEI Canada is hosting a series of webinars on various climate change and sustainability issues at the local level.  The In Session series offers expert-led presentations on many subject areas as they relate to sustainability planning, biodiversity management, communicating climate change, municipal best practices, capacity building, and research. 


Apr 23 2013, 2:00pm PDT

Climate Communications and Stakeholder Engagement: Planning in the West Webinar

The Sonoran Institute and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy present the latest installment of their Planning in the West webinar series. For this upcoming webinar Chase Jones from the City of Missoula, Montana will discuss the recent adoption of the Missoula Conservation & Climate Action Plan and give us the inside track on the adoption process. Susanne Moser, an internationally recognized expert on climate communications and science-policy interactions, will discuss communications strategies and approaches for making positive connections with a diverse audience.


Mar 27 2013, 2:00pm PDT

Leading Climate Action: Supporting Political Champions at the Local Level (webinar)

ICLEI Canada is hosting a series of webinars on various climate change and sustainability issues at the local level.  This webinar explores the special role played by local elected officials when preparing a community for climate change. They are on the front lines, often the public face of a community’s response to a climate change impact - and they can influence municipal policy direction at the highest level.

Mar 26 2013, 2:00pm PDT

Connecting Water Resources 2013: Changing the Water Paradigm

Water is key to life, determining our public and environmental health and providing the foundation for much of our economic function. This ubiquitous nature of water and its significance to so many facets of life has often made its effective management a challenge, as it requires the collaborative input of so many to make decisions.



Mar 18 to 21 2013, 2:00pm - 2:00pm

Biodiversity in the City workshop

This workshop is being organized jointly by the Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network (BEAN) and by ICLEI Canada as part of the latter's process of developing a guidebook for Canadian communities on biodiversity management. The workshop invites local practitioners, municipal staff, and conservation authorities to help answer these questions:
What is urban biodiversity?
Why should we protect biodiversity in urban areas?
How can municipalities manage urban biodiversity?



Mar 28 2013, 2:00pm PDT

Sustainable Energy Systems: Fuel Cells and Power Converters

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) presents this free public lecture on sustainable energy systems, including fuel cell research and development by Drs. Erik Kjeang and Martin Ordonez. Dr. Kjeang will provide an overview of fuel cell systems as clean electricity generators for transportation and other uses. He will highlight the most recent innovations developed at SFU in collaboration with Ballard Power Systems. Dr.

Jan 29 2013, 4:00pm PST

Sustainable City 2013

Urban areas produce a series of environmental challenges arising from the consumption of natural resources and the subsequent generation of waste and pollution, contributing to the development of social and economic imbalances. All these problems, which continue to grow in our society, require the development of new solutions.



Nov 07 to 08 2013, 4:00pm - 4:00pm

Reclaim + Remake Symposium

This conference will bring together the most innovative practices in education and research for current and future reuse and recycling of material resources in the built environment. The conference will take place at the Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC, affording the opportunity for interactions and exposure for designers, educators, researchers, and students to national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations concerned with material resource environmental impacts and waste. 


Keynote Speakers:

Apr 11 to 14 2013, 11:00pm - 7:00am

Climate Access Roundtable (webinar): What We've Learned, Where We're Headed

This webinar, hosted by Climate Access, explores the year’s most significant stories, trends and takeaways in climate engagement. Panelists will discuss the must-read resources and notable campaigns that you need to know about, and the strategies with the greatest promise for success in the year to come. 


Dec 15 2012, 2:00am - 3:00am PST

Smart Energy Communities in Cold Climates

Event Description:
Since 2007, QUEST - Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow - has served as Canada's national voice for Integrated Community Energy Systems and Solutions (ICES). ICES considers how energy is supplied and consumed in all sectors including transportation, land-use planning, industry, water and waste management and others.

Nov 19 to 22 2012, 1:00am - 9:00am